Hairstyle News 2015

Posted on April 2, 2015

If I had more hair on my head, I would definitely use some of the great hairdressers on the Hairstyle News 2015 for a modern haircut. Hairless as I am, I had to be pleased just by watching (read: photographing) trendy haircuts with harmony colors.
Nevertheless, this was my first time being an official photographer on Hairstyle News and I am thrilled with what I’ve seen through the viewfinder of my camera. That’s not all. There were great business seminars and motivational speakers whose presentation didn’t motivate just hairdressers but all of us who were there.
Congratulations to Denis Vidović, the organizer of such a great event for the 12th time!
For all of you who missed it, I posted some photos to feel the atmosphere…

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