Nautical photography (Yahts and Marinas)

Capturing the Beauty of Yachts and Marinas: My perspective of nautical photography

As a photographer working in nautical sector, I have the privilege of capturing the beauty of yachts and marinas along the enchanting Adriatic coast, working for the largest marina chain on the Mediterranean.  This partnership has allowed me to delve deeper into the nautical world, gaining a profound understanding of the luxury vessels and the allure of the coastal lifestyle.
When photographing yachts, my goal is to showcase their finest features and highlight their unique characteristics using drone and sometimes even underwater camera. For the interiors, I mostly use wide-angle lenses.  Marina’s, on the other hand, provide a vibrant and picturesque backdrop for nautical photography.  From panoramic shots capturing the entire marina to intimate close-ups of individual boats and nautical details, marina photography allows me to convey the dynamic atmosphere and the maritime lifestyle.  My nautical photography services are tailored to meet the specific needs of yacht manufacturers and marine companies, ensuring that every photograph capture's the essence of the yachting lifestyle.