Portrait photography

Soulful portraits: Capturing the essence of individuals

Photographing people is a unique and rewarding endeavor.  Each portrait is a story waiting to be told, a window into the soul of the subject.  I believe that a great portrait goes beyond capturing a mere likeness; it is about revealing the true character, emotions and the inner beauty of the individual. My approach when photographing people is individual with every person having a unique story to tell.  Firstly, I build a connection with my subjects, it is at the heart of my portrait philosphy. I believe that a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere allows individuals to be their natural selves (despite being 'on stage' under the lights) enabling me to capture genuine expressions and emotions.  So I strive to create a space where you can feel at ease, be it in the studio or on location photographing professional headshot, or a family portrait, encouraging  your true personality can shine through my lens.