Underwater photography

Discover the beauty of Underwater Photography: Capturing Moments Beneath the Surface

Driven by passion for photography and the desire to capture the mesmerizing beauty that lay beneath the sea's surface, I embarked on a new adventure – underwater photography.  I invested in top-quality underwater photography equipment and honed my diving skills to better navigate the underwater realm. This opened up a whole new world of possibilities waiting to be photographed. The underwater environment adds an extra layer beauty that can be used in creative way - vibrant colours, the play of light and the dream like atmosphere. I use this backdrop to create a photo's that can only be made under the surface of water. Besides the marine life, I am facinated by underwater portraits of humans and the dogs!
I organised a humanitarian project The Underwater Dogs where I brought together my love for dogs and underwater photography.  Another project was Under the Surface where I photographed kids diving and swimming into the swimming pool.  Visit my underwater portfolio to witness the beauty of underwater portraits and feel free to contact me to discuss your underwater photography needs.