Do it yourself or hire a professional studio photographer for product photography photoshoot?

Do it yourself or hire a professional studio photographer  for product photography photoshoot?
I decided to write a few words about whether it is necessary to hire a professional photographer for product photography photo shoot.  I received a phone call from a potential client who didn't want a professional product photography service but instead decided to invest in equipping his own mini photography studio so he could photograph products himself.  Anyone can take a photo of the product themselves, but will that photo be representative, will it describe the product in best possible way or will the product looks worse in the photograph than in reality? I explained to the gentleman what kind of most basic photographic equipment he would need to set up a mini photo studio.  I explained him what kind of flash lighting he needed, how many lighting sources and tripods and the kind of background to use. I drew him a basic lighting setup. But is that enough to make a good product shoot? For some products, this photo lighting setup will probably be suitable, but what if products with different materials, textures and shapes appear?  Will the specified lighting be suitable for such a product?  Will someone edit the photos before posting or will they remain unedited on the website or social media?  One thing is for sure, the company will find this the cheaper route, regardless of the initial investment in photographic equipment.  But will they attract new customers with such photos?  Will such photos contribute to the image of the company? Will they profit in the long run considering the time spent on photography instead of their core business?  I know, the decision “Do it yourself” mostly lay in the financial cause.  On the other hand, it is logical that the client, if he pays a professional photographer, expects that the invested money will be returned through product sales. 

There are photographers who specialize in product photography and those who shoot everything including products. First ones will be more expensive but probably deliver superior quality photos. But regardless, let's keep in mind that all professional photographers constantly invest in photographic equipment, which is definitely not a cheap investment.  Studio flash lighting, attachments for reflectors, tripods, cranes, diffusers, reflective surfaces, backgrounds ... and more.  Photography equipment aside, we are talking about many years of product photography experience and above all, education in the field of photography.  All these factors affect the final appearance of the product on the photograph.  Remember, this appearance is key to attracting new customers, increasing sales and branding your company.   And I think that should definitely be the goal for every company.